In India, millions live in extreme poverty. Those who live in poverty face many kinds of deprivation and discrimination. ‘A Better World is Possible’ is a collage of four short films produced by India Network for Basic Income (INBI) in collaboration with Self Employed Women’s Association Madhya Pradesh (SEWA MP). These films portray the devastating effect poverty has on people’s lives, and how we should be addressing them. Girl children drop out of school, men and women mortgage and surrender their bodies to moneylenders, and women face several kinds of ignominy and discrimination. The list is very long. INBI visualizes a world where nobody should live a life of insecurity. A basic income can provide people a solid floor to stand on, and enable them to lead a life of dignity. It can address poverty more efficiently than any known welfare measure. With a basic income, a better world is possible.

Ravi Davala

Ravi Davala studied film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII). In his career spanning 25 years, he combined both film-making and teaching. Apart from teaching at FTII, he also taught film direction in various film schools. He has made a number of documentaries on social themes, educational films, and popular television series. In 2017, he produced and directed Weather Report, his debut feature film documenting the travails of recession. Ravi’s deep engagement with socio-political realities reflects in his films. For several years, he has been working with Self Employed Women’s Association in Madhya Pradesh. He has made three documentaries on informal sector women workers and the process of unionizing them, the latest in 2018. He has designed curriculum for training SEWA’s union organizers, and is currently conducting a series of workshops for them.

Sarath Davala from SEWA will be present for a short Q&A session after the screening of the film.