Pekka Elonheimo


Bio note

I am Lutheran priest and former CEO of an IT company. In my studies I specialized in Christian Ethics and  relations between religion and politics. Basic income activist I have been since the early 1990’s. Currently I am President of BIEN Finland and vice chair of Tampere BIEN 2018 Congress LOC.

Born 1958
Master of Theology 1983, University of Helsinki
Master of Sacred Theology 1986, Union Theological Seminary, New York


Elonheimo-Leppä: Kirkkomme eettisen opetuksen nykytila (The Present Stage of Our Churches Ethical Education). Tampere 1984.

Speeches and articles on Social Affairs, Christian Ethics and Basic Income.




There are two important factors of good society and good world: as much freedom as possible for all people and good care for everybody. Those two principles partly contradict each other and are not easy to combine.

Freedom and care are also basic components of Reformator Martin Luther´s ethical thinking. As christians we are free, because Christ made us free. We have no other law, but to take care of our neighbours.

How do these principes function in Modern World?

In Communist countries there was too little individual freedom. And the modern wellfare states with their complicated wellfare laws have the same problems. In pure capitalism the poor and sick are not cared for.

Good enough Basic Income would be the best way to combine individual freedom with economic safety net in the modern world. It could also be recommended by Martin Luther for the new millennium.