Juha Järvinen


Bio Note

I was born in 1978 to an artist family. Both of my parent are teachers and artists, so I got strong touch to art in my childhood. Since I learned to read I got very interested about global issues and I very much wished to change the world better. And art is not for that. To be an artist was the last thing what I would do. I studied plastic industry and at the same time was developing a system how to use recycled paper as plastic.

My curious mind has brought me to very different jobs and places and 2003 I found my own business, running it for 7 years. I have always loved a quote from Edison when he found the light bulb. ”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That’s how I see the life, always thirsty to learn something new and develope something, I never give up.

Around 2009 I got bad burnout and finally bankruptcy 2011. After that I stayed home taking care of 6 kids, being unemployed, but all the time dreaming one day I start something new.

Today I am an artist. And happy.



Still poor, but happy. My way to up.

29.12.2016 I got a letter from Kela. I was picked as a participant for Finland’s UBI experiment.

What was my life before that and how it changed in these two years and how I see the future?

What do I think about UBI and why I feel it important? What are the positive and what are negative effects of UBI.