Gerður Pálmadóttir


Bio note

A self-employed entrepreneur, and a board member of BIEN Iceland.

Gerður has established and run creative companies in Holland and Iceland.

Enjoying endless schooling in the university of life.

Education without certification.



Willingly blind we allow the gap between the have and have-nots to widen in clear view of everyone that wants to know. This is not a natural progress but a manmade strategy.

The size of the Icelandic society should make it possible to secure the well being of all and therefore should and could be the most equal society in the world but on the contrary like elsewhere the gap between the haves and the have-not is increasing by the day without questioning the method used in that process.

Where there is a will there is a way, therefore it is neccessary to fuel the will to change this course.

Sustainability and equality in a society has to be fonded on integrity and freedom for all to build his own future.

Basic income is the platform to equalise the opportunities of choice.

Iceland is probably the most suitable society for piloting the universal basic income as it could be tested on the total society, not only fragmented groups and therfore give clearer results than pilots until now have made possible.

It has small poplulation, good education, considerable national wealth unevenly distributed creating depair and all the dues poverty implements.

Due to the size of the society the economical overview must be quite easy to study and analyse how this inequality is allowed to develop.

  • Basic education had to be fought for as it was a threat to the haves
  • Women´s electorial rights had to be fought for as it was a threat to the haves
  • Basic income for all is a threat to the haves, it gives people freedom to choose their work, freedom to say no to worthless, degrading jobs.

Everybody is born into a society without tools to tackle it, however only some have access to those tools others, who decides?

Education is focused on getting a job but not being able to seek knowledge in order to enjoy and live our lifes.

Much of extremely important work that has been done on this earth has been driven by passion not by employees in a paid job.