This session is a compilation of Ken Fisher’s short films in San Francisco, “Direction of Dreams”, “Banner Activism: Who would you be? #Universal Basic Income”, “Expert Interviews” and “Citizen Insights”.

Direction of Dreams
Back in 2015 we partnered with a grassroots community group who raised $14,000 to fund the first individual US Basic Income demonstration. We created a short documentary to inspire and educate audiences around the country with the impact and power of receiving a UBI. 

Banner Activism: Who would you be? #Universal Basic Income
Over the course of a weekend we painted a massive 40 foot banner with the question “Who would you be? #UBI” and hung it up at the Powell Street BART station in downtown San Francisco. We received incredible engagement and captured wonderful insights and thoughts about how the average person’s life would be changed by UBI.

Expert Interviews
In 2015 we helped produce the first Universal Basic Income Create-a-thon. It drew an advocates and artists from around the world and created an environment for developing ideas for spurring the UBI movement. During the Create-a-thon our group interviewed many from this create to provide a better understanding of UBI.

Citizen Insights
We took to the streets of San Francisco to understand citizen sentiment. We met a randomized sample of people at the SF Pride parade and asked them about their thoughts on UBI. We were surprised at their responses.


Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher is the founder and creative chief at Truth Be Told, an awarded San Francisco filmmaking shop. He is an Emmy nominated filmmaker and his films have been official selections on the international festival circuit, have aired on PBS, VICE and the History Channel and have helped nonprofits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ken is currently directing a feature documentary on economic equality that explores the premise of Universal Basic Income; he is the founder and director of The Economic Justice Project, an initiative created to address poverty, homelessness and income inequality. He’s part of the Dream BIG Collaborative and he on the board of directors of the Homeless Action Center. Ken attended Georgetown and Oxford Universities.