This session is a compilation of Enno Schmidt’s short films with homeless people in Oakland, a former street worker and a current director of a multicultural foundation in Los Angeles, and citizens of Okinawa:

“Together with my hostess Lauren Hatvany in Oakland across San Francisco and Silicon Valley on San Francisco Bay, I asked homeless people on their opinion on an unconditional basic income. They had never heard of it. But this idea triggered them to tell about their life and life situations short and concise. In the encounter, they discovered their access to the idea.
It was Lauren’s suggestion to interview them. I felt strange and insecure, but she was so calm, her behaviour so familiar with them, that I felt encouraged. When I looked at the footage, I was deeply impressed by the charisma and style of the people. I admired how they stay upright in these dire circumstances. These interviews make humans visible.”
“Orland Bishop is a former street worker of Los Angeles. He worked with gang members. Now he is director of the ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles. I met him at the educationART event in Stuttgart, Germany. I guess he didn’t know much about UBI before I talked with him. I was surprised by his holistic approach in regard to an unconditional basic income, impressed by his wisdom of the earth and his consciousness of the human being. Everybody is an income for the earth and brings an income to the society.”
“After the earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear reactor disaster of Fukushima and the behavior of the government after that, many in Japan have lost confidence in the political and economic elites. The radioactive radiation even reached into Tokyo. Some people moved to Okinawa.
A tradition of Okinawa is the threefold concept of work. The work for your dreams, for the family, for society. UBI would support each of this three kinds of work.
When I was in Okinawa in 2017 and 2018, I made interviews in between of my presentations. The statements sounds simple, but they have weight. They report of life experiences.”


Enno Schmidt

Enno Schmidt is a co-founder of the basic income initiative in Switzerland, the people’s initiative and the national referendum in 2016. He is the author of the film “Basic Income – a Cultural Impulse” (2008), a former management director of the Enterprise Art and Economy – Expanded, Ltd., former lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe at the Institute for Entrepreneurship. His origins are in painting. He studied at the Art Academy in Frankfurt Main, Germany, was awarded by the Frankfurt Art Award of the Lions Club in 1994 and has exhibited at home and abroad. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.