Universal Basic Income – Is it the silver bullet to global poverty?
Are we witnessing the end of work? “Universal Basic Income” presents a clear unbiased look at a controversial topic gaining traction globally. This film series seeks to share the history of work and money, the rise of capitalism, the psychology of perceived value and how it is created, stored and lost. Additionally, what role technology plays as the force for increased efficiency to drive job loss and displacement or will technology offer the solutions in the form of blockchain technology that is disruptive in nature to help implement a free market UBI?

Aram Hekinian

Aram Hekinian is an award-winning Film and Video Producer as well as the Founder of Autonomous Astronauts Creative Corporation. He is based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from France, Aram spent his formative years in a small coastal town of the Brittany region. Aram started in the film/video businesses in 2007 where he mainly worked with various stop-motion animation and timelapse techniques. He has since expanded his services and now specializes in business promotional content, interview and journalism/ documentary, aerial drone photography and other camerawork.
Over the past few years, Aram has grown his business by working with small local clients all the way to some of well-known celebrities, Elton John and Beverly D’Angelo. Aram’s work has been shown internationally and was part of the official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival. He has also shot and produced TV public service announcements for an award winning campaign for Ministry of Education, Guyana, to promote early childhood education for the indigenous population in Amazon Rainforest.

Aruna Naimji

Aruna does not take “no” for an answer. When someone says it’s impossible, she sees it as her mission to find a way to make it happen. She gets involved early on in the strategic process to fully understand her client’s needs. Balancing customer insights with a keen creative eye, Aruna always looks for the unexpected solve.Aruna credits her approach in part to Dave Warren and Larry Rowen, who hired Aruna in 2004. Inspired by the duo’s innovative thinking, Aruna learned that by marrying her filmmaking and graphic design training with her advertising experience and strategic insights, she could help reinvent brands.