Enno Schmidt talks about his film, made in 2007 – 2008:

“When I started the basic income initiative in Switzerland together with Daniel Häni in 2006, I wanted to portray the topic as far as possible as a whole and round. And I realized that I cannot go anywhere to talk about the basic income. It needed something that appealed to more people everywhere. This was the first film ever about UBI. How do you make a documentary about something that does not exist yet? I did not want to make a movie that would tell people what to understand, but instead, I wanted to make a movie in which people felt understood.

The equipment was very modest, a camcorder, almost no budget. I had never made a film before. Neither had Daniel. In 2008, the debate about the unconditional basic income was still new. We gave away thousands of DVDs and have licensed the movie creative commons. Soon it was translated into 20 languages on the internet. So far, the movie has been seen about two million times. It has had a great influence on the discussion especially in the German speaking area and made many people advocates of the basic income.”


Enno Schmidt

Enno Schmidt is a co-founder of the basic income initiative in Switzerland, the people’s initiative and the national referendum in 2016. He is the author of the film “Basic Income – a Cultural Impulse” (2008), a former management director of the Enterprise Art and Economy – Expanded, Ltd., former lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe at the Institute for Entrepreneurship. His origins are in painting. He studied at the Art Academy in Frankfurt Main, Germany, was awarded by the Frankfurt Art Award of the Lions Club in 1994 and has exhibited at home and abroad. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Sarath Davala will be present for a short introduction of Enno’s work before the screening of the director’s film.