“Everyone in Village One gets the same opportunity. Everyone in Village One has a unique story to tell. See how a small village and a little basic income have a huge impact on today‚Äôs life and its future. Get ready for overwhelming and heartbreaking stories. These are real people working for and dreaming of a better future, for themselves and their children. People. All inhabitants of Village One get an individual monthly basic income from development organization Eight. Change. On VillageOne.Film you see how the people change and develop through basic income. Maybe it also can change your perception on money and equality. See. You really see the huge impact of a little basic income, both negative and positive, in the unique stories of the people of Village One.”

Steven Janssens

Steven Janssens was born 10 october 1983 in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).
He studied film and engineering and he is passionate about travelling and philosophy.
Now he is an independent (documentary) filmmaker and a freelance editor for television and various clients.
Steven Janssens will be present for a short Q&A session after the screening of his film.