The conference board has managed to fit the whole scientific programme in two days (Friday 30 – Saturday 31 August). We believe focusing serves the speakers and the audience.

The conference is held at Tampere University (address Kalevantie 4) in the Main building.

Friday 30 August

09.00–09.30 Coffee and registration

Lecture hall A1

Opening and welcome words by President of the conference board Professor Pirjo Markkola (Tampere University)

Lecture hall A1

Keynote 1: Professor Joy Dixon (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): Radical Rites on the Edges of Freemasonry: Body Politics from Co-Masonry to the Order of Chaeronea

Chair: Professor Pirjo Markkola


Lecture hall A1

Plenary session:

Antti Talvitie (Architect MSc, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Finland, Provincial Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland, Finland): Great Words of Wisdom

Professor Terhi Utriainen (University of Turku, Finland): Women Juggling esotericism in secular culture

Julian Strube (PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Heidelberg, Germany): Radical Reformism, Occultism, and Freemasonry in Nineteenth-Century France

Chair: Adjunct Professor Maarit Leskelä-Kärki

13.00–14.00 Lunch,
Restaurant Juvenes, Main building, 2nd floor

Lecture halls A3 & A4

Parallel sessions 1–2
19.00 Conference dinner
Restaurant Finlayson Palace (address Kuninkaankatu 1)


Saturday 31 August

9.00–9.30 Coffee

Lecture hall A1

Keynote 2: Professor Egil Asprem (University of Stockholm, Sweden):
Do You Trust the Hidden Masters? Historical and Socio-Cognitive Perspectives on Esoteric Conspiracism

Chair: Professor Raisa Toivo


Lecture halls A3 & A4

Parallel sessions 3–4
12.30–13.30 Lunch
Restaurant Juvenes, Main building, 2nd floor

Lecture halls A3 & A4

Parallel sessions 5–6

Lecture hall A1

Keynote 3: Fabio Venzi (Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge, Italy): From Hermeticism and Renaissance Esotericism To ‘Modern’ Science

Chair: Dr. Marko Nenonen

19.00 Evening reception: Masonic Temple of Tampere (Pirkan Kilta) (Adress: Näsilinnankatu 27 G)


Parallel sessions

1. Edges of Freemasonry in Western Modernities    Chair: Editor in chief Jukka Järvinen
Jussi Tuovinen: Freemasonry and Illuminati – Uneasy Bedfellows
Risto Harisalo & Seppo Naapila: Declining Participation in Freemasonry
Dimitrios Kontesis: Naming a Greek Lodge
Martin Javor: On the Modernization of the Kingdom of Hungary´s Society and Freemasonry in 19th and 20th Century
Antti Talvitie: Basic Types of Spread of Freemasonry

2. Esotericism, Music & Art    Chair: Professor Joy Dixon
Minna Hovi: Musician´s Tombeaux and the Immortality of the Soul
Pekka Toivanen: Freemasonry and music in changing operational environments
Nina Kokkinen: Visualizing the Invisible. Clairvoyance in Finnish Art at the Turn of the 20th Century
Juha Torvinen: Nature-mysticism and musical Modernism. Esoteric currents in Finnish composer Erik Bergman´s writings on serialism in music
Pekka Pitkälä: Sigurd-Wettenhovi-Aspa’s (1870-1946) views on The Kalevala and aspirations as a freemason

3. Anthroposophy in the Early 20th Century    Chair: Professor Joy Dixon
Tiina Mahlamäki: Agency and Anthroposophy: Kersti Bergroth (1886–1975) as an author and a first generation Anthroposophist.
Jan-Erik Mansikka: Education in the wake of esotericism: Rudolf Steiner´s Geisteswissenschaft and Waldorf education
Julia von Boguslawski: Establishing anthroposophy: the difficulty of importing the anthroposophical movement to Finland

4. Freemasonry, Esotericism and Finnish Composer Jean Sibelius    Chair: Architect MSc Antti Talvitie
Jorma Martikainen: Phenomenological Reduction in Masonic Ritual Music Op. 113 of Jean Sibelius
Juha Ala: Reflections on Jean Sibelius´ esoterism
Ilari Lehtinen: Sibelius, musique rèligueuse : Patriotism, Tolstoism, Theosophy, Freemansonry

5. Occultism, Spiritualism and Modern Identities    Chair: Professor Egil Asprem
Jarkko Toikkanen: 19th Century Spiritualism as Public Experience in Metaphysical Tension
Aaron French: Applied Esotericism: Masonic Experimentation and Monte Verità
Manon Hedenborg White: Leah Hirsig, Scarlet Woman: Gender and Authority in the Early History of Aleister Crowley´s Thelema
Carrie Sealine: Not a Woman, Not a Man: Reading the Queer Tense Multiplicities of Aleister Crowley
Marko Nenonen & Daria Kuznetsova: Russian neo-shamanistic movements – tradition, identity and politics

6. Esotericism, Biography & Societies    Chair: Postdoctoral Researcher Julian Strube
Kotryna Raksiute: Important Prussian Lithuanian cultural figures in Prussian Masonic lodges and their masonic activities
Juuso Järvenpää: Friends or foes? The difficult relationship of Spiritualism and Theosophy in the early 20th century Finland
Tiina Miettinen: Kings of Troy and Ancient Giants. Esoteric Dimensions in 17th century dynastic genealogies in Europe
Persida Lazarevic Di Giacomo: Metá ta bibliotheca: Ch.F. Temler between exoterism and esoterism
Katariina Lehto: Early eighteenth-Century Medicine and the Natural Philosophy of Chemical Principles: The medicinal substances of Peter Elfving (1677–1726)