The social programme of ICAME 39 follows the tradition set by previous conferences. Details of the programme can be found below and a map showing all the important locations connected to the conference (and more) can be found here.

The Tampere Hall also houses the world’s only Moomin Museum, which the conference participants can visit on their own time and at their own expense. Information on the museum’s opening times and admission fees can be found here.


Wednesday 30 May

Welcome Reception at the University of Tampere

The Welcome Reception will be held in the Main building of the University of Tampere, where the conference participants will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine.

Venue: University of Tampere, Main building, Main Auditorium foyer (2nd floor)
Address: Kalevantie 4, 33100 Tampere
Distance from Tampere Hall: 100m / a 1-minute walk


Thursday 31 May

City reception at the Old City Hall

The City of Tampere will host a reception for the conference participants on the 2nd day of the conference. The reception takes place in the beautiful Old City Hall at 18:00. The venue is located in the main square, Keskustori, in the heart of Tampere. A guided walk to the Old City Hall will leave from Tampere Hall at 17:30.

Venue: the Old City Hall
Address: Keskustori 10, 33210 Tampere
Distance from Tampere Hall: 1.5km / a 20-minute walk


Friday 1 June

Conference excursions

There are several excursion options to choose from, many focusing on the working-class history of Tampere. Please note that for some excursions, only a limited number of places are available due to group size restrictions set by the museums. For some excursions, transfer from the conference venue to the destination will be done on foot, whereas others involve using public transportation – because of this, some participants should be prepared to purchase two 3e bus tickets (there and back) with cash. Please also note that some excursions might be cancelled if interest is low.

Check here which excursion you have opted for!


Excursion options

1)   Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing (max. 20 persons)

Block of wooden buildings showcasing the working-class lifestyle and history of Tampere across nine decades. The block is also home to Amurin Helmi, a locally renowned café with a bakery. 

The group will take a bus through the city centre to the museum. There will be a guided tour at the museum, after which there will be some free time to explore more, or to visit the café. The group will then take a bus to meet the boat at Laukontori.

Meeting point and time: 13:25 by the registration desk

Group leader: Hanna Parviainen

Address: Satakunnankatu 49, 33230 Tampere
Fee: 12€
Transportation: 6€ cash (local bus service)


2)   City Sauna (max. 20 persons) CANCELLED

We warmly (hotly?) recommend Tullin Sauna for a private excursion! Located right next to Tampere Hall, this walk-in sauna offers a genuine sauna experience with a hot room and cold drinks – just bring your swimsuit!

Address: Åkerlundinkatu 3, 33100 Tampere
Cost: 14€


3)   City tour (max. 25 persons)

A guided tour covering some of the major sights in the city centre. The tour also includes a visit to Tampere Market Hall, which is the biggest in the whole of Scandinavia.

The city guide meets the group at Tampere Hall, and the tour ends in the Market Hall. We ask that the group members find the meeting point at Laukontori by themselves – please consult the info desk before departing, if you are unsure!

Meeting point and time: 13.30 by the main entrance

Fee: 5€
Transportation: on foot


4)   Guided tour to Pispala, the Pyynikki Ridge and the Pyynikki Observation Tower (max. 25 persons)

Pispala and Pyynikki are two districts of Tampere located on the world’s largest esker. The tour starts in Pispala, a former working-class neighbourhood famous for its colourful wooden houses and its village-like atmosphere. The tour will continue to Pyynikki, which is home to a gorgeous pine forest on top of the ridge. The tour will end at the Pyynikki Observation tower, which offers breathtaking views over the two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, and the city. The tower has scenic levels both indoors and out in the open air and the top can be accessed by both elevator (tower fee 2€) and stairs (no fee). On the ground floor, there is also a small family-run café, which is famous for its delicious doughnuts.

The terrain of the tour is not too challenging, but a fair amount of walking (including stairs) is involved, so remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.

The tour starts with a bus ride through the city centre and up to the top of the ridge where the guides will meet the groups at 14.00. The guides will take the groups through some of the most famous sceneries in Tampere, and there will be some time to ascend the observation tower or to enjoy the famous doughnuts. After the tour, the participants will take a bus to Laukontori to meet the boat.

Meeting point and time: 13:20 by the registration desk

Group leaders: Mark Kaunisto and Iida Tanni

Fee: 5€ (guided tour)
Transportation: 6€ cash (local bus service)


5)   Hatanpää Botanical Gardens

The Hatanpää Botanical Gardens consist of three different parks located on the shores of lake Pyhäjärvi. The first park surrounds the Hatanpää mansion, a Neo-Renaissance building which was bult in 1885. Adjacent to the mansion are the two other parks, the botanical gardens, where you can get to know trees, bushes, perennial plants, summer flowers and spice plants, and the rose garden, which will unfortunately not be in bloom so early in June. The Hatanpää Botanical Gardens is also home to Villa Idman, a Neo-Gothic villa dating from the same period as the main building. In the proximity of the mansion there is also a small cafe, Cafe Arboretum.

The group will take a bus to the gardens, where participants will have time to explore the area, and to visit the café. The group will then take a bus to Laukontori to meet the boat.

Meeting point and time: 13:30 by the registration desk

Group leaders: Juhani Klemola and Laura Viitanen

Address: Hatanpään puistokuja, 33900 Tampere
Fee: 0€
Transportation: 6€ cash (local bus service)


6)   Lenin Museum (max. 25 persons)

The museum is located in the historic Workers’ Hall of Tampere, where Lenin and Stalin met for the first time. The museum presents the life and ideas of Lenin and the history of Soviet Union and Russia, paying special attention to their connections with Finland.

The group will take a bus through the city centre to the museum. After exploring the museum, the group will walk to Laukontori to meet the boat.

Meeting point and time: 13:35 by the registration desk

Group leader: Arja Nurmi

Address: Hämeenpuisto 28, Tampere
Fee: 12€
Transportation: 6€ cash (local bus service)


Boat trip to Viikinsaari island

The boat trip takes the conference participants on a 45-minute scenic tour around lake Pyhäjärvi. The destination of the boat trip is Viikinsaari island, where a buffet dinner will be served in Restaurant Viikinsaari, which is located in an old wooden villa. The boat leaves from Laukontori (see map) at 17:00 and all participants are requested to be there by 16:45. Ticket for an accompanying person may be purchased when registering for the conference (60€).


Saturday 2 June

Conference dinner at Näsilinna

The conference dinner will be held at Restaurant von Nottbeck, which is located in the beautiful neo-baroque palace Näsilinna. The 3-course dinner includes a toast and a serving of wine, after which additional drinks can be bought from the bar. The dinner starts at 19:30 and a guided walk to the restaurant leaves from Tampere Hall at 18:45. The venue is also accessible via public transportation. Ticket for an accompanying person may be purchased when registering for the conference (60€).

Venue: Näsilinna
Address: Milavidanrinne 8, 33210 Tampere
Distance from Näsilinna: 2.3km / a 30-minute walk