Submit your proposal by 12 January 2018 HERE.


Topics may address but are not limited to (listed alphabetically):

  • affects, emotion-expressions and effects in poetry and narrative
  • experience and affectivity in mediation / demediation / remediation
  • experiencing the experimental: affects, feelings, politics
  • experimenting with the print medium: uses and misuses
  • means of representing vicarious narrative experience
  • medialities, modalities, and the concept of medium-specificity
  • new media platforms and affective phenomena (e.g. virality)
  • relationship between form and ideology, poetics and rhetorics
  • representation of mind, emotions and consciousness in narrative and poetic environments
  • representation of the everyday and everyday affects
  • shifts between narrative media, intermedial blends and allusions
  • situational affects and emotional scripts in life and literature
  • traffic of literary modes and means between artistic and everyday storytelling
  • types of narrative and narrativity in literature and new media


The length of your proposal for a 20-minute presentation should not exceed 300 words. Add a bio note (max 150 words) that includes your affiliation and email address. Name your file [firstname lastname] and submit it as a pdf. If you wish to propose a panel of 3-4 papers, include a description of the panel (max 300 words) and submit the papers (max 200 words each) with bio notes (max 150 words each).


Decisions on proposals will be made by 31 January 2018.

Decisions on proposals that were submitted by the original deadline (15 November 2017) will be made by 15 December 2017.