A new website is currently being built for the 2019 event: MLVis 2019, Machine Learning Methods in Visualization for Big Data 2019, Co-located with Eurovis 2019, Porto, Portugal. The link https://uta.fi/mlvis will point to the latest event.

Machine Learning Methods in Visualisation for Big Data 2018

Tutorial co-located with EuroVis 2018, June 4, 2018, Brno, Czech Republic

In order to handle big data challenges, machine learning techniques can be advantageous in simplifying and summarising large data sets for visualisation. Machine learning provides methods that allow the summarisation of very large data sets whereas visualisation leverages the human visual system to help find unanticipated patterns. In this tutorial, we cover machine learning methods relevant to the area of visualisation. In addition to an exploration of the applicability, strengths, and weaknesses of such approaches, we provide links to available software tools that can help provide solutions to machine learning problems.

Main Topics of the Tutorial

  • Dimensionality Reduction for Visualization
  • Sampling Methods and Graph Visualisation
  • Evaluating Visualisation Techniques

In addition to the tutorial topics the event features a paper presentation, a panel discussion, and a Data Lab: Bring Your Own Data session.