Tampere University Hospital (Tampereen yliopistollinen sairaala, Tays) is Finland’s second largest hospital and one of the five university hospitals in Finland. During the conference you will get a chance to discuss the main principles of Tays reforming programme. You are invited to take a guided tour around the premises. Tampere University Hospital is reforming its operations to guarantee modern health care services for the region’s growing population. Our intention is to meet future needs by providing more efficient services in a patient friendly way, and by welcoming all people requiring quality treatment, regardless of the patient’s place of residence.

The basis for the hospital reforming has been the operative aspect. In the patient-centred approach, the emphasis is on providing care and treatment that are safe, smooth and comfortable. Tays will focus on providing well-functioning services to patients, incorporating family members in the process and increasing alternatives for outpatient care. The key principle is that outpatient units, wards and interventional units are collected close to each other in each unit to avoid unnecessary movements of the patients and personnel.

The reforming of Tays has been a joint effort by experts on hospital buildings, Tays staff, service users and patient organisations. Some of the new buildings are already in use, such as the Tampere Surgical Education Centre, Heart Centre and Kidney Centre. The Centre for children and adolescents will be completed in Autumn 2019 and the D-building in 2020.


Main entrance will be opened in Autumn 2019. The yellow D-building will include many functions, for example pre- and postnatal care, childbirth and vascular surgery.


The front yard of Tays will have three new buildings and a parking hall. Altogether there will be approximately 100 000 m2 of new premises.


The main entrance will be full of light! It will include a cosy lounge, café, pharmacy, hairdresser – and even an amusement park for children. City of Tampere will open a tramway in 2021 and it will have two stops around Tays.


The centre for children and adolescents can be found easily due to its bright blue colors. It will be opened in 2020.


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