Prof. Hanna Lehtimäki, University of Eastern Finland, hanna.lehtimaki (at)

Dr Ari Jokinen, Tampere University, ari.jokinen (at)



We live in transition phase dominated by environmental problems. Learning processes and experiments are necessary to tackle these problems and create pathways toward more sustainable futures. This workshop focuses on catalysts needed for sustainability transitions. Catalyst is a general term referring to various tools for transition management, including the use of metaphors, strategies, actor collaboration, designs, visions, practices, material entanglements etc. to trigger change toward sustainability. Because contemporary problems are interconnected and interdependent, a systemic framework focusing on multi-level change is required to understand the catalyzing effects. Although change within such complex, open systems cannot be managed or controlled, it is often possible to catalyze or even gently direct the change by focusing on critical points of the system. Hence, it is valuable to understand how various catalysts work in different scales, contexts, strategic points and sociotechnical systems, including the interactions between governance institutions, business organizations, citizens and the natural environment. The thematic scope in this workshop includes but is not restricted to market actors, urban change and circular economy. Both empirical and conceptual papers developing specific understandings of catalysts for sustainability transitions are welcome.