Torben Elgaard Jensen, Aalborg University, tej (at)



In recent decades, the means and resources for visualization and image production have increased dramatically due to a confluence of developments in digital media, computational abilities, visualization techniques and increased amounts of available data. The aim of this session is to explore these new development and to reflect on their emerging consequences.


  • What are the novel features of contemporary visualizations in the sciences and beyond?
  • What kinds of practices emerge with or around new modes of visualization?
  • How do new visual tools and practices challenge existing ideas about objectivity, representation and the proper conduct of science?
  • What are the political, social and ethical consequences of specific new modes of visualization?
  • How may we characterize the contemporary developments in light of the longer historical trends in visual cultures and ideals of objectivity?
  • How may STS scholars study and/or deploy new modes of visualization in their own research practices?


We invite theoretical and empirical contributions that relate to the themes suggested by the above list of questions (or similar).