Seija Ridell
Professor of Media Studies
Tampere University
seija.ridell (at)



The panel directs attention to the infrastructural implications of the ever more pervasive algorithmic mediation of social life. The starting point is the observation that code-based technologies not only affect how we communicate, interact and act in different spatiotemporal settings but that these technologies increasingly permeate and reconfigure the very conditions of human (co-)existence. A key aspect in this process is the incorporation of humans as corporeal beings in the constitution and sustenance of infrastructures at different intersecting levels and in multiple complex ways. The transformation of individual and collective bodytechnical and other kind of human/machine intertwinements, in turn, shapes how power and politics play out at the turn of 2020 societies.

Against the backdrop of globally deepening infrastructural complexity, we invite contributions addressing questions that concern but are not limited to computationally mediated reconfigurations in

– conditions of communication and (inter)action in diverse spatial contexts
– bodily rhythms, grammars and choreographies in (urban) public space
– forms of remembering and collective memory
– practices of knowing and ignorance
– tactics of resistance to social and structural injustice

Both theoretical, methodological and empirical submissions and their combinations are welcome. We also hope to receive contributions that explore, and potentially aim to redefine, the notion of infrastructure itself as an analytical bridge between, for example, STS, material media studies and philosophy. Overall, we wish to encourage interdisciplinary orientation regardless of one’s more particular approach.