Brunet Lucas, Tampere University, School of Management, lucas.brunet (at)

Nylén Erkki-Jussi, Tampere University, School of Management, erkki-jussi.nylen (at)

Nygren V. Nina, Tampere University, School of Management, nina.nygren (at)



With the development of new political tools such as ecosystem services valuation or biodiversity offsetting, turning natures beings and dynamics into the language of economics has been promoted as a promising strategy for their conservation. This has been captured by the STS concept of economization which designates the process through which all kinds of objects, practices, institutions and behaviors are qualified as economic. The economization of nature has been supported as a strategy to communicate about the value of nature and better integrate it into decision-making. It has been presented as a new solution enabling to combine economic development and nature conservation, and reconcile humans and nature. In this session, we invite contributions from various disciplines and approaches describing how the process of economization of nature has been conducted and what it has performed. Our focus on economization is broad: accounting, valuation studies, exploitation and reuse of natural resources, banking and so on. We are particularly interested in the following questions, but we also welcome other contributions related to the theme:

– How has the process of economization of nature become a solution for various issues? Where does it come from and what is the novelty (or not) of the process?

– How does it work in different sites and cases? What knowledge has been produced for that purpose? What are the material and affective basis of the process?

– How has it transformed the practices, discourses and subjectivities of a diversity of actors? What contradictions, tensions, ambiguities and assumptions does it involve?

– How has it changed the way of governing nature? What kind of institutions and political processes has been implemented in response to it? Has it proposed a relevant solution for nature conservation?