Call for the ALL-YOUTH MasterClass:

The Future of the Council of Europe

The Finnish Presidency of the Committee of Ministers Council of Europe
(21 November 2018 – 17 May 2019)


Monday 4 February 2019, Tampere University, Finland

All Youth want to Rule their World (ALL-YOUTH 2018 – 2023) is one of the largest and most pioneering multidisciplinary youth research projects in Finland. It explores the capacities of young people aged 16 – 25 as well as the obstacles that hamper their engagement with society. The project further explores the visions of youths regarding growth, well-being and a sustainable future ( In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, ALL-YOUTH project calls on all youths to apply for the MasterClass.

The ALL-YOUTH MasterClass will include topical expert panel sessions, in which judges, researchers and NGOs share their knowledge. The core aim of the ALL-YOUTH MasterClass is to provide a unique opportunity for young people to contribute to the discussions relating to the future of the Council of Europe. Small working groups will produce recommendations, which the youths will then present to a representative of the Finnish Government on 5 February 2019 at the Rule of Law conference.

How to apply

We are very interested to learn about your vision of the future in the European context. In order to apply, please write a one-page application, in English, where you share your ideas about the future of Europe. We recommend you to choose at least two topics from this list and evaluate what the current situation is and what should be done to improve the situation:

  • The Council of Europe, Hate Speech and New Media
  • The Council of Europe, Racism and Intolerance
  • The Council of Europe and the Rule of Law in State Parties
  • The Council of Europe, the United Nations and the EU: The Division of Labour in the Future
  • The Council of Europe and Youth Participation

The maximum number of participants will be 30. You can also include your CV (English or Finnish) if you want. However, we are more interested in your opinions than your current merits. In the case of equal applications, positive discrimination will be used in accordance with the current international human rights agreements to ensure diversity.

Please submit your application by 31 December 2018 at


Costs and refreshments

The MasterClass includes free lunch and refreshments. Unfortunately, travel costs cannot be covered.