Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials

Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials (ScSB) seeks to aid the dissemination of biomaterials research originating from within the Nordic & Baltic region. It brings together students and researchers from academia and partners from industry across the region, in order to facilitate networking and growth of the field at its intimate annual conference. ScSB is an Official Society of European Cells & Materials (eCM Journal). It also awards conference travel grants to students and grants for collaborative research exchanges within the region.

Conference Host
Nick Walters
Tampere University

Programme Chair
Susanna Miettinen
Tampere University

Organising Team
Congress Office
Tampere University

Scientific Committee

Minna Kellomäki
Tampere University

Michael Gasik
Aalto University

Mervi Puska
University of Turku

Ari Rosling
Åbo Akademi

Reijo Lappalainen
University of Eastern Finland


Heikki Tenhu
University of Helsinki


Gabriela Lorite
University of Oulu


Members of the ScSB Board


ScSB Board

Mats Hulander
Chalmers University of Technology



Jānis Ločs
Riga Technical University



Berit Løkensgard Strand
Norwegian University of Science & Technology


Cecilia Persson
Uppsala University


Ólafur Eysteinn Sigurjónsson
University of Iceland

David Bassett, Norwegian University of Science & Technology