Social Policy in the year 2030

For the poor, for the decent or for everyone?

The theme of the Social Policy Conference 2018 revolves around changes in social policy and the welfare state from a future perspective. In Finland, the pivotal elements of the welfare state are being restructured and reformed. Ongoing reforms regarding social and health care services, regional governments and unemployment security are building up a new social policy. National social policies are simultaneously under pressures of globalization and ecological, political and financial crises that cause migration. How will the pillars and ethos of the Nordic welfare state survive in the face of these changes? Does the future social policy target the poor, the decent, or everyone? How will the welfare state adjust to these pressures?

The keynotes of Social Policy Conference 2018 are Professor Sue Yeandle from the University of Sheffield and Professor Jane Gingrich from the University of Oxford. Professor Sue Yeandle has a long history of studying the relationship between work and care in contemporary societies. Professor Jane Gingrich’s research interests involve comparative political economy and comparative social policy. In addition, as a third keynote, Social Policy conference introduces a promising early stage researcher from Finland, PhD (Docent) Helena Hirvonen.