Dr Bob Anderson MBChB BMedSc PhD FRACP
Chief Scientific Officer, ImmusanT, Inc. Cambridge MA, United States

Bob’s career over the last 20 years has focused on understanding the specificity of patients’ immune response to gluten and developing a therapeutic vaccine for coeliac disease. His involvement in coeliac disease began as a post-doctoral scientist at Oxford University pioneering ultrashort gluten challenge and showing that blood can be used to reliably assess the immune response to gluten in coeliac disease. As a Lab Head at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia, Bob’s group utilized this technique to comprehensively map the gluten peptides responsible for coeliac disease. The therapeutic vaccine, Nexvax2, blood-based immune monitoring tests, diagnostics, food tests and “non-toxic” cereal evolved from this research. Over the last 6 years, Bob has been Chief Scientific Officer at ImmusanT, Inc in Cambridge MA, in the USA. His work is focussed on clinical development of Nexvax2, which is being assessed in Phase 2 clinical trials, diagnostics for celiac disease, and leveraging this knowledge to address unmet medical needs in other T-cell mediated diseases. Bob is a gastroenterologist, and gained a degree in medicine and a doctorate from Otago University in New Zealand. In Australia, Bob established public clinics dedicated to coeliac disease, and led initiatives with advocacy groups to build medical awareness and support research in coeliac disease.


Dr Anderson is an employee of and shareholder in ImmusanT, Inc. He is also a shareholder in Nexpep Pty Ltd, which holds stock in ImmusanT. He is co-inventor of patents relating to gluten and coeliac disease, which are owned or licensed by ImmusanT, Inc.