Professor Frits Koning is a staff member in the department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion (150 fte) of the Leiden University Medical Centre since 1993. He is the chairman of the scientific advisory board of the LUMC and the CEO of the Dutch Celiac Disease Consortium (CDC) in which immunologists, geneticists, food specialists and medical doctors collaborate with industrial partners to improve the quality of life of patients with celiac disease (CD). He is well recognized for his contributions to the field of immune mediated disorders, celiac disease in particular. Through his work it is now well established which gluten fragments are disease causative and how they are recognized by disease-related T cells, providing a molecular basis for the genetic association between HLA-DQ and celiac disease.  In his most recent work he uses high dimensional flow cytometry to unravel the involvement of the innate and adaptive immune system in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.