EliA™ Celikey (tTG) and EliA GliadinDP – safe, efficient and automated assistance in identifying celiac disease patients


Innovate Biopharma is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel medicines for autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. Innovate’s celiac disease drug will enter Phase 3 clinical trials in the U.S. in 2018.


Developing therapeutic vaccine, Nexvax2, an antigen-specific immunotherapy for Celiac Disease.

Planning for phase 2 study to start early 2018 in HLA DQ2.5 positive CeD patients who have been managed with gluten-free diet.

Developing a highly specific and sensitive, simple blood-based diagnostic test: global studies to start early 2018.

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ImmunogenX is a clinical-stage company developing a therapeutic drug, latiglutenase, for the relief of symptoms in celiac disease patients and a minimally-invasive diagnostic technology, CypCel, for monitoring the state of villous health.


Biomedal has launched the first gluten consumption monitoring tests. Biomedal offers a range of last generation technology for detection of gluten. The gluten free diet monitoring can now be directly performed with Biomedal products for professional and at home use that can detect gluten in urine or stool samples with high sensitivity and specificity.

Some of the clinical utility of those tests could be the immediate feedback for newly diagnosed celiacs to learn diet, the reassurance and confirmation about dietary compliance, monitoring of cumulative gluten consumption or to verify gluten challenge prior to diagnosis.

For more information visit www.biomedal.com or contact info@biomedal.com

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